About Hotel Mount Regency

Its an old world charm with contemporary excellence The true destination where tradition and modernity unite in joyless symphony of hospitality It is because of this the globe trotters have found a very coyness to arrive in Mount Abu as rightly mentioned in "The Lovely Planet" From the humble beginning of "Tourist Guest House" way back in 1970 'sit has donned the crown of "Regency Hotel" where the sinusoid 24/7 is the esteemed guest around whom the whole emotional, physical, economical, spiritual efforts revolve.

We are lucky to be located in a place which has been the home of Gods and many great sages since the beginning of time We derive our strength and morale from the teachings of such great men Mount Abu has always been the first choice for finding peace and rest since the time of the British rule Many Maharaja's have there summer holiday homes in Mount Abu We take a lot of pride to be stationed at such a great place and service the guest which arrive in Abu We were one of the first few hotels in Abu and are still going strong We would like to specially mention the name of our chairman Miss Sangeeta Agarwal who is the whole and sole of Hotel Mount Regency She single handily achieved our dream of reaching the status of a Hotel from the humble beginning of a Tourist Guest House

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